Monday, August 24, 2009

Translation, Please!

Do you translate others’words and meaning easily and accurately?
Do you really understand what others are saying?
Do you take the time to “hear” fully what the speaker means?
Do you honor the skill it takes to translate your language to be received by another?

When you hear something that you mind does not understand,
Do you discount it and turn away?
Do you listen more attentively?
Do you ask for more information to understand?
Does it replay in your head until you can hear and feel it clearly?
Do you react emotionally?
Do you respond with love even without understanding?

Often we hear the words, but do not “get” their meaning.
We may feel the intensity of the speaker or writer, but do not understand their motivation.
We may disagree with their beliefs and disagree or defend our own beliefs in reaction.
We may try to convince them of our way of seeing things before we even get their meaning.

It takes a fair witness or neutral observer to really “get” the language of another.
When we are distracted by our own emotions, attachments, beliefs or fears, we cannot hear.
Distortion occurs when we are fearful, judgmental or resistant.
Resistance and avoidance do not allow for conscious connection and full communication.

Words are symbols for the experience of the speaker.
Words can only be used to communicate to the receiver when their meaning is similar.
Words, body language, tone of voice all help communication.
But shared perceptions allow for the full understanding.

When we listen to another, we must be more telepathic and listen within.
When we speak to another, we must be willing to find what will communicate our true meaning.
When we communicate, we must be willing to find common language and shared perceptions.
When we inspire, we must find the words that lift and encourage others.

Speak and observe.
Speak and listen.
Listen and respond.
Listen and observe.

Translation requires energy.
Translation demands caring.
Translation invites connection.
Translation encourages intimacy. (in-to-me-see)

Thanks for caring enough to translate the language of love and inspiration I share with you daily.
Thanks for caring enough to share with others in the language of love they will receive.
Thanks for letting go of what doesn’t work and undoing false interpretations.
Thanks for loving you by receiving the best and deleting the rest.
Loving us all in learning to truly listen, let go, laugh and love one another better.

Betty Lue