Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoy Yourself

What will it take for you to enjoy your life?

You will find that enjoy life requires that you stop thinking, saying and doing what limits your Joy.

Stop scaring yourself with bad news, bad thoughts, and bad words.
Stop being critical of yourself and others by looking for what could be better.
Stop gossiping about anyone including your kids and spouse, even celebrities.
Stop retelling stories about the past failures, past hurts, past regrets and resentments.

Eliminate negative thinking.
Eliminate negative media.
Eliminate negative activities.
Eliminate negative self-commentary.

Let go of pictures, furniture, journals, and places that remind you of unhappy memories.
Let go of habits, foods, choices and people that bring you pain or bad feelings.
Let go of trying to be what you are not or clinging to what you once were.
Let go of envy, jealousy, greed, gluttony, resentment, vengeance, worry and limiting habits of mind.

To grow in light and love, you must provide yourself with the blessings of a Good Life.
To feel nurtured and nourished, you must give yourself the kindness, respect and care you need.
To feel knowledgeable and wise, you must choose to learn from everyone and everything you encounter.
To be productive and fulfilled, you must offer yourself opportunities to create and to serve Good for all.

You are here to serve your own happiness.
You are here to be in love with your holy Self.
You are here to honor the life you are given.
You are here to give gratitude and praise for your Authentic self.

Seek not to get happiness from another.
Seek not to love others but not yourself.
Seek not to demean or sacrifice your life.
Seek not to deny yourself praise and to be falsely humble.

Choose happiness with happy thoughts, words and deeds.
Choose to wholly love all of you to better love all others.
Choose to respect the life you have and honor all life.
Choose to give yourself praise and appreciate all you are and do.
Whatever you do, do it with Joy.
Joy is Light in You shining through.

Whatever you think, think with enjoyment.
Enjoyment is the Happiness God wills for all creation.
Whatever you say, say it with inspiration.
Inspiration is the indwelling Spirit expressing through you.

Remember that God shows up through your sparkling eyes, your happy countenance.
You are God’s reminder in everything you say.
Speak the Highest Truth and let the rest be silenced with forgiveness.
You are the activity of God in your happy helpfulness.
Choosing to live a Godly life guarantees a Goodly life.

You can undo pessimism by developing optimism.
You can be a love finder by relinquishing finding fault.
You can be energized with love by letting go of fear.
You can be a spiritual reminder by living a life of inspiration, freedom and trust.

Enjoy life and life will enjoy you.
All of life will reflect the joy in you shining back for you to enjoy.
Loving you in joy, Betty Lue

I only do what I enjoy. This is it. Come enjoy with me!!!!
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