Monday, July 06, 2009

When to Say “No”

Where there is doubt, the answer is unclear, confused and split.
Even if you go ahead with your direction in question, it will lack energy, commitment and total success.
Where there is confidence, the answer is clear, confident and 100% committed.
When you proceed with your direction in certainty, there is power, commitment and successful outcome.

Doubt, hesitation and fear drain and deplete energy.
Certainty, action and love inspire and increase energy.
When in doubt, there is a call for forgiveness.
When in doubt, there is a call for inner listening.

There is a voice of intuition, loving wisdom, and clarity of Spirit within everyone.
Our usual listening is for the voices of humanity, our friends and those around us.
These voices represent their own biases, past experiences, and the current cultural beliefs.
Our inner listening is for our path and our benefit and does not involve others’ opinions.

A Course in Miracle says, “Whatever a brother asks, do it, unless it does harm to him or to you.”
Yet, how do you determine what might do harm?
Does it cause the other guilt because it will be a sacrifice for you to say “Yes”?
Does it cause you to withhold love and feel resentful to say “Yes”?
Can you say “Yes” to giving without expecting anything in return?
Does this transaction lead a bad example for others to follow?
Could saying “Yes” lead to the other misunderstanding your act of giving?
Could you be establishing an unhealthy or co-dependent relationship?
Are you saying “Yes” because you feel indebted or guilty?
Are you allowing your pity for another to lead you to say “Yes”?

There are many questions which may not be answered or understood.
Because we cannot see all sides to a question, we must seek the answer from a Higher Place.
Because we cannot judge what is harmful or helpful except by our history, we must seek guidance.
Because we do not know, we must listen inside for One Who Knows.

Sit quietly and ask in your spiritual center, what is for the highest Good of All concerned?
Your spiritual Center may be in your heart, your mind, your body as it differs for each one of us.
Practice listening until you recognize the Voice for Peace, for Healing for being truly helpful.
Let go of the Ego’s need to demand, be judgmental and opinionated, protective and defensive.

There is a place in you where you can trust.
There is a place in you where you can be free.
There is a place in you where you will love your brother as yourself.
There is a place in you where you know God and the Goodness of Love.

Trust this place and respond with peaceful and unconditional Love.
This is a place where you can say “No” with Love as easily as “ Yes”.
This is a place where you are clear, confident and certain, because you come from Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue