Sunday, July 12, 2009

Messages for You from Spirit

“I feel like I have been receiving messages from Spirit through you and the last few days your emails have come right when I needed them most. Thank you for taking the time to share.”
A Loving Reminders’ reader

How does it happen that these messages fit with so many who receive them?
How can it be that they are sent to now thousands of people who feel that they are personal?
How can the one who receives and shares them be giving to all people through all time?
How can we all seem to have the same healing lesson and holy purpose at the same time?

"Yes, Dear Ones, you are all interconnected, a family you might say. All coming from the same place for the same Holy Purpose and yet, each one individual expressions of the same One. Get clear that as each one embraces Truth and remembers Truth, everyone is awakened and blessed. There is no one left out, except perhaps in their own consciousness or lack thereof. They have forgotten their connection with All That Is. For What is True and Whole and Loving can have no opposite, no lack, no needed Lesson.
What seems to be given is merely the remembering of what has always been and will always be True.

When Betty Lue simply turns herself over to writing (or speaking) what comes to her and through her, she is merely playing her holy healing part. Just as each one of you plays your healing and holy part in forgetting, in asking, in offering, in remembering, in sharing, in reading, in caring, in giving and receiving, All are blessed by your willingness and gratitude in doing and being what is perfectly true for you.

Alas, there is so much and so little really happening in this world of seeming complexity and creativity, one can hardly keep up with the outer stuff and things, but You need only be still for a moment to be clear about what is real. What it takes to remember is to undo what is not true and lasting, healing and whole.

Yes, humanity entertains itself while it waits to answer the great mystery: “Why Am I here?” Perhaps the answer is found within the cosmic knowing: “I am here simply to remember.” And then “What need I do after I remember? How one uses their time, space and energy is simply a choice to be or not to be, to awaken or to sleep, to help or to hinder, to laugh or to cry, to do or to die, to know or forget, to be real or pretend, to express or withhold, to love or to fear, to be confuse or be clear, to sing or to moan, to create or destroy.

When one is healed, all are benefited. When one is blessed, all are blessed. For you are One in the collective sense, interconnected and forever loved as One by the One. There is no need to take anything personally, because each one carries their part of the Grand Undoing. Each one lifts those around him.
Each one moves a piece of the God puzzle into place. Each one remembers their own Holy and Healing Part. Each one is a sacred part of the All One. And so it is, that you are each and all receiving what is yours to remember."

Give yourself time today and each day to lift yourself with Love,
Respect and Gratitude into the place Most High in your heart and mind.
Grant yourself the place of High Honor and own your Holy Place in the Circle of Consciousness.
Love your willingness to be Who and How and where You Are.
Forgive your doubt and fear and be clear You Are the One You seek.
You are essential to the completion of God’s Plan for Peace and Earth and Good Will toward All.

Blessed be and Blessed are We All.
Loving you always,
Betty Lue