Saturday, July 04, 2009

Loving and Letting Go

For those who easily and quickly let go of fear, loving is easy.
For those who undo what is not true, trust comes quickly.
For those who give with gratitude, life is truly abundant.
For those who respect and honor themselves, God is ever present.

When we release what we fear, we remember Love.
When we let go of the false, we see what is true.
When are seek to give rather than get, we know we are rich.
When we deeply and profoundly love ourselves, we know God.

Life offers us many distractions which complicate our vision.
Life gives us detours which lead us away from our personal path.
Life scares us into delaying our action which teaches us procrastination.
Life tempts us to be comfortable by giving up on living our highest potential.

To truly Love is to fully trust and free ourselves.
To really know Abundance we must give fully.
To be free is to be absent fear and to live with trust.
Our independence comes from our complete dependence on a Higher Power and intrinsic creative Good.

This Higher Power and Goodness live within each and everyone of us.
When we free ourselves from scary stories, false beliefs and limited thoughts, we find the Higher Truth.
In this we know where there is Will, there is a way.
And when we let go of the worldly limitations and follow our inner voice, we find fun, safety and ease.

Life is meant to be a source of joy, not of struggle.
Life is meant to be a path of peace, not a place of conflict.
Life is meant to be a homecoming, not a meaningless journey.
Life is meant to be full of abundance, love and joy, not pitiful poverty, fear and sorrow.

How can we undo what we have seen heard and learned, and choose again for what we deserve?
How can we forgive our past and that of unconscious teachers, and find what is best for all?
How can we right the wrongs and choose a right livelihood as a model for those who follow?
How can we create what is good, beautiful and holy for all humanity?

This is the calling.
We are beginning.
We honor the willing.
We celebrate the vision.

Blessed be.
Betty Lue

This beauty is Gia’s little sister, just 3 1/2, but precocious and very verbal...
She is truly trusting and free, loving herself unconditionally.