Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Clearing Judgments

Yesterday in our afternoon Miracles, Messages and MasterMind group, we asked how to clear our judgments.
Someone asked me to share my inner guidance, so I will share it with all of you as well.

What can I do to clear the judgments I continue to hold about some people I judge to be crude and disrespectful in their care for others?

Behold, look upon each one as truly behaving in ways they were taught by the world.

Perhaps if you knew only what they know, you could see easily how their choices belie what they perceive and believe.

Perhaps if you felt as confused, afraid and needy as they do, you could see why they might rely on anger or threats or harsh treatment and talk to get their way.

Perhaps if you judged yourself with the same harshness, shame and pain as they do, you would see why they are so attached to continue their behavior and words.

Perhaps if you knew only what they know and saw what they have seen, you might act out in their ways as well.

Leave not your Source, your inner Sanctuary, your Center of Love for anyone’s sake.
Give yourself now and always only to Love.
There is no need to fear anyone, nor to allow another’s fear to become yours.

Be free to see only the Goodness which God created in you and through You.

The Good Life is found solely in seeing with forgiving eyes.

So see it and be it!

May this message serve as a Healing and Loving Reminder to all who read it that “Love is the Way.”

Blessings to us all in our willingness to perceive things differently and choose again for Love.
I forgive myself for judging anyone for anything. I cannot know why.
I can only forgive my judgments and be willing to love them anyway.
And when I am willing to see the goodness beneath the Love, the Truth comes through.
Thank God and Good in us all.
Betty Lue