Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Prosperity

What is our true prosperity?
When most talk about spiritual prosperity and abundance they often get it confused with world assets.
When we say someone is rich, we are usually referring to their car, house, jewelry and bank account.
When we think about getting wealthy, we usually visualize having lots of stuff and access to more.

Having lots of things is a weight a burden and a responsibility.
Having excess things is not without a price, for it demands attention and care.
When we place our attention on having or not having, we lose sight of “giving” and “true gifts”.
When we are concerned with losing what we have, we cannot give with love and gratitude.

There are those who are here to learn about managing what they have with respect and responsibility.
There are some who have chosen a path of losing and finding a way to take care of what they have.
There are those who let go easily and receive even more with no effort, simply trusting.
There are those who find themselves lost, confused and scared, needing to strengthen their faith.

Each one of us has many roads from which to choose.
Each road will have lessons or messages we can learn, some wise and some foolish.
Life is the place where we are learning to ”wise up” about what is valuable and what is not.
True Prosperity if discovering what is truly good for you….on every level, mind, body and Spirit.

So let’s discover together what really is good for you.
Consider doing a “Values Sort”.
Write on separate cards the top 10-20 values you hold. See some ideas below….
Friendship, Health Love, Faith, Kindness, Service, Wisdom, Integrity, Wealth, Purpose, Achievements, Spiritual Development, Peace, Creativity, Security, Family, Beautify, Harmony, Godliness, Generosity.
Compare two values at a time and choose one you prefer.
Keep sorting through with forced choices between two each time until you find your top 3-5 in order of priority.

Design your life to support and sustain what you really value and you discover TRUE PROSPERITY.

True Prosperity is having what you need to give as you are called.
True Prosperity is being happy with yourself and your life.
True Prosperity is being at peace and feeling blessed everyday.
True Prosperity is knowing you are on purpose and living your life well.

Are you healthy, happy and fulfilled?
Are you grateful for who you are and how you live?
Are you content with what you have and how you give?
Are you loving with yourself and those you encounter?

This is True Prosperity.
It’s your choice to have or not to have, to be or not to be.

I am grateful to experience true prosperity each day,
Betty Lue