Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Reminders

Personal Update:
Fabulous CA Assn Marriage and Family Therapists’ conference the last four days (4/30-5/3).
We offered Daily Holistic Renewal at 6:30AM for about 50 people each morning. Inspiring and fun.
The conference reminded me of some fun creative tools and processes that perfectly synchronize with the changes I am making professionally and personally.

Our Mothers encouraged us to take trips to Alaska and Australia. In their memory with their support, we are leaving in one week for Alaska, May 11-23, and for Australia July 15-31.

We will also be in Kalamazoo, MI from August 6-10 for the annual Dickerson family reunion and my Mom’s Celebration of life. We will be offer a workshop Thursday eve 8/6 and Ministry Reunion Sunday Afternoon, 8/9 and appts. available Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.

Alameda Village Preschool plans are proceeding easily and naturally by helping the landlord complete the building projects he needs for licensing. We have three fabulous teachers, about eight students and lots of the preparations for city permits, state licensure and community involvement in process. Thanks for your financial and prayerful support. We joined for the Good of All make a difference.

Joy is our Natural State

When we are not joyful, we have reacted with a lack of love toward another. ACIM

I recognize that I mostly choose to be happy and I definitely prefer to be happy.
Happiness gives me energy. Happiness expands my creativity. I attract good people and experiences when I am happy. Happiness feeds my mind, my body and my soul. Being happy is the best gift I can give myself.

As I see it, my primary job is to clear away everything that does not support and encourage happiness.
This may not be your job. Happiness may not be your preference or your choice. You may have learned that being happy is dangerous and can lead to disappointment. Or that your happiness causes others to be jealous and unhappy in your presence. I have experienced that some people do not trust that I can be so happy. They avoid happy people. Ask yourself, “What is your primary job with you and your life?

Five Happy Reminders (if you also want to be happy!)
1) Love and respect everyone , including your Self.
2) See the Good and the Gift in everything.
3) Enjoy life everyday and express gratitude.
4) Give always and only your best in everything you think, do and say.
5) Forgive all mistakes quickly. Erase “yucky” thoughts, words and interactions easily.

That’s it. Try it and notice your energy picks up and you walk around feeling and beaming Light!

Loving you and me in all we do to live joyfully,
Betty Lue