Sunday, February 22, 2009

Downers or Uppers?

No I am not talking about drugs.
I am talking about you. And me!

Are you a downer?
Does your face, communication and contact with others uplift them or put them down?

Are you an upper?
Does your expression, your words and your attitude inspire and encourage people?

When someone has an idea, do you find the flaw or try to make it better in some way?
Or do you simply say, “YES. That’s a great idea!”?

When people are sharing with you, do you try to give your opinion and advice without being asked?
Or do you acknowledge you are really listening by giving them time, attention and a grateful response?

When your employer or spouse or kid’s teacher give you a suggestion of something to do for them, do you become resistant, defensive, resentful or guilty?
Or do you say, ‘Thank You.” I really appreciate your suggestion and will think about how I can honor your request?”

When someone pushes your buttons, upsets or offends you, do you immediately want to avoid them, withhold your love or make them wrong with a counter-attack?
Or do you acknowledge inside that the communication revealed, a wound in you, a historical place of sensitivity and pain, which you take full responsibility for healing?

When you are hurting or upset, do you take it out on others?
When you are sick or tired, do you bring down the energy of those you encounter?
Do you complain about how bad you feel and how life is unfair?
Do you blame others for what isn’t working rather than take responsibility?
Do you give lots of criticism, but rarely give appreciation?
Do you neglect to say please and thank you to others?
Do you wait for others to make up to you, before you acknowledge your love for them?
Do you carry an attitude of “show me”, rather that let me be a good role model for others?
Do you offer few smiles, hugs, positive words and only when they are “well deserved.”?
Do you find yourself looking for what doesn’t work and what you don’t like?

When someone gives you lemons, do you make lemonade?
Are you willing to bring sunshine into your home and workplace?
Can you be the first to extend peace to others?
Are you open to offering appreciation and love to others?
Can you forgive and forget the mistakes of yesterday?
Are you respectful of your time, energy and resources as well as that of others?
Do you give thanks inside and openly on a regular basis?

You can turn your relationships into positive experiences by being the first, the teacher, the example.
I totally appreciate your openness and willingness to find a better way and to build a better world for all.
Blessing of respect and gratitude,
Betty Lue