Thursday, January 22, 2009


Leaving in a few minutes for the home of the Grand Three for our now weekly Thursday 7:30AM-6:30PM day with the little ones. Twins Harper and Lila (now 3 ¾ yrs) and Beckett (now 2 ¼ yrs.).

They are the ones photographed in the pics I send with these reminders. Often we don’t take pictures these days because they are a busy group of pre-schoolers. This way of serving helps Mom with some time off often to have appts., go for a run or bike ride and get to work knowing they are in loving hands.

It is fabulous for the little ones to have us present with them, taking them to school, talking about stuff, answering questions etc. We give them undivided time with no phone calls, side conversations or usually no activities other than errands or repairs for Mom and Dad. We love this service because it serves us too.

Look for acts of loving kindness just right for you. If you need to get outside and hike, then pick up trash along the way and say “Hi” to those you meet along the path. Appreciate the beauty and breathe in the bright new day. And if you need more time with folks or just miss your Mom, then volunteer at a senior center or visit nursing homes, adopt a grandparent, and bring them smiles and songs, read to them or just hold a hand and be present.

You see to serve another, you must be in service to your self.
Serve us = service.
To give to another is to give to yourself.
There need be no thought of sacrifice.

What can you do that will truly love you?
How can you give that will help you feel alive and in love?
What is the gift that you are shy to share and find someone who will receive it with gratitude?

Service must be an act for which you are really happy and grateful to be giving.
This is what makes our lives , our communities and our families better for one and all.

Loving you in all you say and do for the Good of All,
Betty Lue