Sunday, December 28, 2008

Receiving The Gift

To realize our Abundance we must first receive abundantly.
To receive the inherited riches, we must recognize All the Gifts.
What have you been given that you have not received?
And why would you not receive if you knew the gift was of value?

Have you enjoyed the Beauty of this earth?
Have you experienced the Joy of creation?
Have you known the unconditional Love of God?
Have you seen the Goodness in yourself?

Have you been touched by the innocence of a child?
Have you been moved to tears by the healing Presence of another?
Have you been awakened by the sound of birds singing just for you?
Have you realized how precious you are in the heart of your Creator?

Have you received the gift of life?
Have you received the Love you are?
Have you received the promise of happiness and peace?
Have you received the wisdom of your inner guidance?

In life we may separate ourselves from the Infinite Giver.
Humanity sometimes holds itself apart from the Source of Creation.
People get caught up in everyday struggles and forget to listen within.
Sometimes fear and judgment makes us feel unworthy to receive the gifts.

We may not realize how blind we are, confused by the distractions of the world.
We may not hear the sounds of nature, when we listen only to the words of mankind.
We may not know this world is full of loving reminders just for our enjoyment.
We may not fully receive the gifts on earth, because they are taken for granted.

We cannot truly give what we have not yet received.
In order to fully Love, we must recognize the Love within and truly love ourselves.
To be willing to embrace others, we need to first be willing to accept ourselves.
With forgiveness of our own errors, we can more easily forgive others’ mistakes.

So what is the Gift, waiting to be received?
Receive Infinite Love, acceptance and warmth, whenever and wherever it is given.
Receive Natural Delight, the Joy of Being fully alive.
Receive Spiritual Wisdom, the gift of insight and inspiration
Receive Endless Peace, the place of stillness and union with All That Is.

Let us affirm together, our prayer of praise.
Thank you God for the unlimited Loving Reminders that you offer us in each moment.
We receive your Love and Peace and Joy with every Holy healing breath of gratitude.
We love your gifts to us and share them abundantly with our family of humanity.

Loving you,
Betty Lue