Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have You Noticed?

This is Christmas Eve, the day before the Christ was born.
What does this mean to you?
So much of the details are not known, but originally told in oral tradition and then written.
But all stories have a meaning and a message.

Have you discerned the underlying story, the real message for You?
As I was awakening I was listening and asking for the message to me.
I looked at my life, in which I have admired and followed Jesus’ teachings.
I asked what his story was teaching humanity to be.

Born in lowly circumstances, simple, clean and natural environment, he was deeply loved and respected from birth.
No pretense of specialness, except those around knew he was to be a great one.
Is this true of your birth?
If no one “knew” you to be Great, you can give yourself that assignment today, your Christmas.

Eager to learn, he listened to and learned from his elders, from nature, from everything around him.
He questioned the meaning of scripture and pointed our discrepancies.
Do you pay attention to words and behavior and notice the discrepancies between teaching and living?
Do you question the meaning of scripture and how teachers and preachers do not live what they teach?

He trusted God in all things and didn’t listen to the fears and directions of others.
Jesus went into silence to listen before acting on the usual customs and behaviors of his people.
Do you take time to listen within, to meditate, to be still and ask for guidance in your life?
Do you trust what Spirit guides you to do or are you guided by humanity’s needs and requests?

His life was one of living in meager circumstances, never exalting himself, minimizing his needs.
He wore peasants clothing and walked everywhere. He stepped away from letting others exalt him.
Do you dress and behave simply and understate your knowledge and abilities, empowering others?
Do you honor your elders and governmental authorities by obeying the law and being respectful?

He was willing to stand for what he knew to be True without wavering in the face of ridicule.
Jesus trusted that his life was a living and teaching model of what would heal and lift up all people.
Do you live your life as though future generations are watching and learning from your example?
Do you act in private and public in ways that you know to be good and helpful for everyone?

“Greater things than I shall you do!” for “You are the Light of the world.”, he said to the people.
”I came that you might have Life and have it more abundantly.” The story tells us.
Are you willing to step away from humanity’s teachings of littleness, lack and limitation?
Do you live yourself our to impoverished thinking and focus on natural Abundance and Greatness?

Yes, His commandments to us were simple, unified into One teaching, “LOVE”
“Love God and Love Goodness with all your heart and mind and soul.”
“Love your neighbor, your brother, your enemy as yourself.”
Do you recognize your brother, your enemy, your neighbor is yourself?
And in loving everyone, you are loving all parts of you and the Almighty Creator, that created us All as the One?

And so on this Christmas Eve,
  • I wish for us to awaken to the awareness that within us all, coming from lowly and simple beginnings, we can be the teachers and those who live the teachings of LOVE.
  • Now is the time to simplify our thinking, our words and our activities.
  • Give to one another as we have received.
  • Receive those things that come from God and can be used for Good.
  • Trust the Highest in All things.
  • Seek not to serve the separate and limited self, but rather nurture your Abundant Wisdom and Love. Give the Highest Truth you know to those what come to you. Forsake the riches and distractions of the world to live in peace within and love without.
  • Life comes from giving Love and Living the Truth.
  • The Good News is we can forgive and choose again right now!

Loving you and Happy Holidays, every day!
Betty Lue