Saturday, December 27, 2008

Answering Your Questions

Today is a New Moon.
This is the time to plant the seeds of vision you want to grow.
Now is our time to celebrate this new opening in the consciousness of humanity.
Now is the time to seek to serve the Good, the healing and the Co-creative Spirit.
Now is the time to step up and speak up for what is fair and just, honest and true.
Now is the time to voice our ideals, our values and our choice to serve the Highest Good.
Now is our time. Forgive the past. Choose again the future you want for our children.

Answering Your Questions: (Please send me your questions and ideas to include in these reminders.)
Betty Lue,
What is the deal with empathy, every time i am around someone i can feel what they do. for example this girl is 12 and she is hyper when i am around her i get hyper. when people feel bad i feel it. my cousin has a lot of energy when he is around me man i get energized. is this a gift from god or is it the ego. and if it is a gift from god how can i use it to help people. i will ask the holy spirit tonight. do you have any ideas about this. thanks. also when people argue or are in bad moods i feel it and i just leave the area.
God Bless You Forever

I will answer in my loving reminders today, since this is a good question for lots of people....
Thanks for asking and thanks for listening within for the answers, too.
Loving you, Betty Lue

We are all One. When we are connected in love, we can feel what is happening for those around us.
Since we are One, to be truly helpful, we can heal it in ourselves and it will be transmitted to others.
Since we are One, we receive the thoughts, the feelings, and the physical experience of others.
As empaths, we can feel it all in ourselves and reveal and heal it in ourselves.

With true spiritual empathy, we will connect with the Highest Truth and the Light, in one another.
With true empathy, we see beyond appearances and forgive, release and erase what is not Love.
With true empathy, we recognize what is real and loving , whole and true.
This is the Healers Prayer: (from A Course in Miracles text)
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I need not be worried about what to say or do because the Love that sent me does direct me.
I am content to be where Love wishes knowing that Love goes with me, wherever I go
I will be healed when I let Love teach me to heal.

One interpretation is:
I am here on the planet to serve, to help, to heal.
I am here to be the Presence of Love and Light.
I don’t have to be concerned about anything because I am guided by Love within.
I am happy to be wherever I am, knowing I am always following the path of Love.
I will realize my own holiness when I allow Love to see only Wholeness and Holiness in others.

So my way of being truly helpful to all humanity is to see with forgiving eyes the Holiness in everyone and All That Is. I am guided to see with the eyes of Love. When a mind holds only Light, it sees only Light.

Loving you and all as One,
Betty Lue