Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Are a Gift!

When you give your Gift with joy and gratitude, you will remember and recognize the Gift you are.

Your Light-filled Being here is a Gift to humanity.
Your words are a Gift to all who hear your voice.
Your deeds of Loving Service are a Gift to those who see and receive them.
Your vision of Peace on Earth is a Gift to all who have been waiting to join you.

Each one of us needs to show up.
Be Present.
Be the Presence of Love we are.
Be willing to let your Love show.

Each one of us needs to pay attention.
Wake up.
Be conscious of what is within and around you.
Be aware of what is needed and respond with Love.

Each one of us needs to tell the Truth.
Tell the Godly Truth.
Speak only the Truth that inspires humanity.
Share the Highest Good so that all might remember the Good within.

Each one of us needs to detach from the outcome.
Give without attachment.
Notice without judgment.
Speak without fear.
Love without condition.

Life is for Giving the Gift You Are.
Withholding your gift is a mistake.
Giving your Gift is healing and fulfilling.
When You freely give, you will fully live in joy and gratitude for being You.

Loving you in Being and Giving You,
Betty Lue