Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning to be Grateful

Did you know that without gratitude, there is no joy?
Did you know without genuine appreciation, there is no love?
Did you know without thanksgiving, there can be no peace?
To feel and see and know Goodness and Godness, we must give praise.

‘Prays’ and ‘Praise’ in origin have the same meaning.
When we are asking, begging, demanding something, we see it not.
When we are grateful for something, we see it and receive it by valuing it.
Changing our judgmental thoughts will open our eyes to true perception.

When we are thinking we lack, we cannot see fullness.
When we are thinking we are losing, we cannot see gain.
When we are thinking we are harmed, we cannot see help.
When we are thinking we are damned, we cannot see blessing.

We must learn to be thankful or we become bitter.
We must learn to be thankful or we will become discouraged.
We must learn to be thankful or we will grow arrogant and self-satisfied.
We must learn to be thankful or be feel separate from God and the Good within.

We can instantly change our thinking.
We can immediately forgive our judgments.
We can quickly transform our experience.
We can effortlessly choose to be grateful.

Life is like a movie script which we write for our own entertainment and edification.
Like a movie, we can easily rewrite what will be in our Future.
Like a movie, we can edit out the parts we don’t want from our Past.
Like a movie, we can choose to focus on the pain or the pleasure in our Present.

Life is an adventure, a vacation, a challenge and a romance with tragedy and drama as we choose it to be.
Depending on our degree of gratitude, we either have a fulfilling experience or a traumatic one.
With a shift from feeling victimized and afraid, we perceive the healing. power of forgiveness.
With a new canvas we can write our own destiny and the degree to which we have a happy ending.

Practice gratitude today.
Every conscious moment, choose the words to say.
“I am grateful for the learning in this.
I appreciate you for teaching me.
I am thankful to be here now.”

If you would like some help in translating a “bad” scene into a blessing, ask for help.
I am here loving you, looking at what we choose to be “true”.
Betty Lue