Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude Grows Goodness

I am grateful for you.
Without you, these Loving Reminders might not be.
I am grateful for reminders.
Without reminders, I might forget.
I am grateful for sunshine.
Without the warmth and brilliance of sun, I might not see who we are meant to be.
I am grateful for changing weather .
Without the seasons, I might drift in complacency and taking life for granted.
I am grateful for questions.
Without questions, I would not see and listen for deeper wisdom.
I am grateful for cleanliness and order.
Without order, I would find it difficult to focus and really see what is.
I am grateful for loving and respectful relationships.
Without respect and love, I might miss a sense of my Self worth.
I am grateful for the Reunion Living Ministry Program.
Without mentoring those who choose to live and give at the most conscious level, I lack inspiration.
I am grateful for my history, the story of an infant and who was totally loved.
Without my childhood of respectful loving, I might now learn how to love others well.
I am grateful for the beauty of this earth.
Without her magnificent terrain, oceans, forests and plains, I might miss knowing God.
I am grateful for each one who dares to give their best.
Without them, we might all have to deal with the rest.
I am grateful for the ones who remind me and teach me everyday.
It is through their willingness to share and care that I know how much Good seeks to be revealed.
I am grateful for this and everyday.
It is in living that I learn: it is in giving that I receive.
I am grateful for the sacred books and holy ones.
It is in their example that I remember we all are sons and daughters on this journey of awakening.
I am grateful for being Me.
It is in fully and freely living my life open and willing that I have found true and lasting happiness.

I am loving you and All that is on this our day of Thanksgiving,
Betty Lue