Monday, November 24, 2008

Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Life?

The real question is: Are your giving the most value to your Life?

The value we give to a project or a person is the value we receive.
When we fail to give our best, we fail to receive the best.
When we cheat others, we are cheated.
When we deny others, we feel denied.

Life mirrors or out-pictures our inner choices and expectation.
When we consciously want the best, but fear the worst, we get the mixture.
When we hold back on our faith, hope and love, we won’t receive the full experience.
There is a natural cause/effect outcome that belies our inner beliefs.

In this difficult economic climate, we must make adjustments that stabilize our own finance.
It is essential to be conscious and respect what is happening around us.
We need to adjust to conserve in times of decrease and to flow in times of increase.
We need to step away from fear and clear the way to simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Simply do more with what you have.
Give more to those who have need.
Be more for those who need inspiration.
Appreciate more all receive.

There is no need to buy new stuff.
We have more than enough.
There is a need to let go of what we do not use.
There is a need to give the extras we have to those who have not.

Rather than acquire more of non essentials, how about appreciating more what is essential?
Rather than give what is useless and token gifts, how about acknowledging your love and care?
Rather than wishing we had more money, how about thanking god for the privilege of living here?
Rather than wanting to find bargains, how about spending your money consciously with gratitude?

It is in flowing our money wisely that the consumer changes the marketplace.
It is in spending for what we really value that we teach the manufacturers what is valuable.
It is in taking good care of what we already own that we find enjoyment of our belongings.
It is in sharing what is no longer necessary or valuable to us that we really find inner joy.

Give your life the best you have and the best feelings of fulfillment and joy will be yours.

Loving you and me as we give happily,
Betty Lue