Thursday, October 30, 2008

Powerless Over Your Finances?

Are you spending more each month than you earn?
Have you “saved for a rainy day”? The rainy season is here?
Are you willing to be conservative, when times are difficult financially?
Have you spent others’ hard earned money without appropriate permission and appreciation?
Are you living from a state of “entitlement” and lack of respect for what you have and spend?
Are your taxes paid, your bills paid, your savings account full and investments for retirement untouched?
Are you prepared to be out of work and still keep your family fed and sheltered?
Do you live from day to day on credit cards and hope your paycheck will cover your minimum bills?
Are you counting on winning the lottery or an inheritance from your parents or other relatives?
Do you know how much you owe and have a plan on how you will pay it off in five years or less?
Do you keep an accurate accounting of every dollar you earn and every penny you spend?
Do you know exactly how interest you paid on your credit cards, home and cars in the last year?
Have you received and applied expert advice on handling your finances more successfully?
Are you willing to acknowledge you made mistakes and have wasted thousands of dollars?
Are you willing to face your fears and admit you are out of control or ignorant in handling money wisely?

Your self-esteem decreases every time you fail to keep your promises to yourself and others.
When you step out of integrity with your personal ethics and values you lessen trust in yourself.
When we steal from ourselves and deny that we have betrayed ourselves, the solution eludes us.
When we lie and deny there is a problem with money and spending, we cannot receive help.
When we cheat ourselves out of peace and contentment by causing financial anxiety, we must forgive.
When we lie, cheat and steal, caught in spending what we don’t have, we are out of integrity.

In our guilt and shame, we tend to spend more to cover our errors.
In our embarrassment and confusion, we tend to deny our ignorance.
In our ignorance and unconsciousness, we don’t see the problem is in lack of awareness.
If we admitted we had a problem and knew the solution, we would act on it.

Many in this culture have an addiction to buying and spending, to acquiring and hoarding.
Many spend as a way of handling emotional issues and upsets.
Many spend to try to build their self image.
Many spend to compete with others.

Now is the time to stop all non-essential spending.
Now is the time to stop all buying on credit.
Now is the time to live simply.
Now is the time to make a game out of living on less.

It is important that you start with total awareness….
Make a list of all expenditures for 90 days…every penny spent.
List what you bought and what you felt about the purchase.

List of all debts, ever
y penny, plus the monthly minimum payment and the interest on unpaid balance.
List all you assets, savings and investments.

Start with where you are.

Make a clear statement of where you want to be and when.
Simply knowing where you are and where you want to go is a fabulous affirmative statement.

We will be offering another financial seminar in the near future. Let us know if you are interested.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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