Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What is limiting you?
How are you limiting others?
Beliefs, rules, opinions, fears, confusion, distraction, procrastination?
Defending your body and protecting your money seem to be what most of humanity focuses on.

The body used for healing and holy purposes is a vehicle to do Good in the world.
Caring for the body so that it can serve its purpose should provide freedom.
We can trust that the body is a temporary tool for communicating Love.
When we use the body for loving purposes it serves us well.

Money is a temporary tool for living and giving us access to opportunities to serve others.
Money in and of itself is nothing.
When it is used for doing Good, it is a source of freedom and creativity.
Money expands and flows when used to serve the Greater Good.

So what are the beliefs that limit us?
Most people were influenced by those who felt limited and afraid.
Most people carry on their own familial training within themselves and for their families.
Most people fear being free and trusting that God and Goodness will prevail and provide.

What if you set yourself free from all sense of limitation and lack?
What if you allowed yourself and your loved ones to be guided from within?
What if you let go of believing in being careful not to make a mistake?
What if you trusting that the highest and best way for you is empowering and inspiring?

Is there a life you can imagine that is totally alive, enthusiastic and truly enjoyable?
Is there a way of being you have curtailed because of trying to please others?
Is there a possibility that you have talents and natural resources that need to be utilized?
Are you a source of great untapped energy which awaits your discovery and ownership?

Some see humanity as the sleep walking of cases or suppressed happiness.
With full freedom and trust, we awaken and are filled with the joy of fully being.
Remembering a time when you were free will help you access the inner trust that comes from perfect Love.

I am encouraging us all to be whole and happy and free.
Letting go of limitations is fun, safe and easy.
Betty Lue
Give yourself the best and let the rest go with your blessing.
The faces of innocence.