Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comfortable or Complacent?

When we get too comfortable, we may become complacent and lethargic.
When we find ourselves comfortable, we can go to sleep on life.
When we create ease for ourselves, we can forget our purpose.
When we make things nice for us, we may forget about service to others.

Everything we do and have is a gift to one and All, when we remember to Love.

When I care for my grandchildren, I am teaching the world to love and affirm every child.
When I empower them, teach them, listen to them, cuddle them, I am giving to every child.
When I enforce guidelines for safety and responsibility, I set the stage for respect and no harm.
When I play and sing and dance with them, I am building a world of enjoyment and laughter.

Each one of us is teaching (imprinting) humanity with our choices.

When I prepare a meal with organic produce and care for balanced nutrition, I teach conscious eating.
When I wash the dishes ensuring cleanliness and with appreciation for what has been eaten, I teach.
When I clean with joy and appreciate creating beauty and order, I am showing my world what can be.
When I see the birds and trees, smell the air and feel the breeze, I am creating conscious gratitude.

Each one of us is a living example of how to live abundantly and give joyously.

When I treat my elders with respect, I teach appreciation for those who have gone before us.
When I listen to those in need, I teach kindness to those who are lost and confused.
When I freely give wisdom and love to people who ask, I teach how to serve.
When I offer time, energy and resources to others, I receive the gift of joy in my heart.

To extend Love, to give freely, to care for what I have with appreciation…..all teach.

Expanding my territory by smiling at strangers shows me all are brothers.
Being challenged without resisting helps me grow.
Giving more than would be comfortable strengthens my faith.
Appreciating what I have in times of less helps me see more.

Moving out of comfort into challenge awakens me to live more consciously with purpose.

When we get comfortable and start to go to sleep on our REAL job, we make get a wakeup call.
You see, we are here for more than pleasure, protection and personal gain.
We each and all are here for the family of humanity, not just our own.
We are the teachers, the healers, the lovers and the servers of past and future generations.

There is much we can and will do to awaken our world to the bigger calling:
Teach only LOVE = TRUST + FREEDOM.
This is our calling, our function and our life.

Loving ALL,
Betty Lue

I was invited to take a pretend nap by 3 1/2 yr. old Lila.
Then giggling we invite Beckett, Harper and Grandpa to join us.
Mommy jumped up on the bed to take this picture.
We were not comfortable or complacent!!
But we were having lots of FUN.