Monday, September 08, 2008

What does “Love” mean?

In human terms, love is very different than the Love I speak of.
When I write about remembering Love, I am encouraging you to find that place within
which inspires and fills you with joy and profound gratitude for All That Is.

Love is energy, not an emotion.
Love is creative energy, not a position we hold.
Love gives freedom and has no conditions.
Love expands us, and does not contract.
Love builds connection within and does suffer loss.
Love is natural and comes with no judgment.
Love nourishes and does not deplete.
Love has no fear, no guilt and no blame.
Love is a way to fully live and freely give.
Love generates inner peace.
Love is healing and truly helpful.
Love controls nothing and offers everything.
Love gives us lasting happiness.
Love brings people together.
Love creates no boundaries.
Love sees no differences and finds the Unity in all life.
Love says “hello” and never ends.
Love is a power that heals and creates and has no limits.

So how do we act with love?
Step away when you feel fearful or unkind.
Clear your toxic thoughts and feelings in private or with someone who will forgive and let go.
Do not share negativity or yucky stuff with someone who will agree with you or remember it .
Make a commitment to love the Good in you first, last and always.
Heal your own fear and negative or hurtful past history.
Practice the art of meditation or breathe and count to 10 before dumping.
Give yourself constant praise for patience, resilience and the willingness to learn.
Look within at what you are being asked to learn: to set rules to keep yourself and others safe,
or to remember to say “Please” and “ thank you” to everyone in your home and out in the world.
Love looks for an invitation to contribute, to reach out, to inspire and to share the best.
When we have forgotten and learned to withhold our Love, we must first forgive ourselves.
Our work is to be filled with forgiveness and gratitude, so we feel creative, inspired and loving.

When I write or say “I love You.”
I am saying I see the Good and the God in You.
I am seeing what is whole and beautiful and true about You.
I am identifying that you and I are the same.
We are here to heal (fill) all the places where we (humanity) has forgotten to Love.

When we become aware of our blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, we can easily let go.
When we release our attachment to our past errors in perception, we are free to see the Truth of Love.
When we forgive our errors and mis-creations, we can realize the perfection in All things.
When we undo what is not and was not true, we can see the Light and Love that always Is.

Life seems to be a journey of undoing what never was, but appeared to be.
Our history of fear and defenses against the Truth is being undone one by one.
Thanks to you and me, we are the willing ones.
And our joyful work has just begun.

I am loving and so are you,
Betty Lue