Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life Is Sacred

We are precious.
Time is an opportunity.
Adventures are lessons.
Thoughts create experiences.
Everything works together for Good.

We are free.
We are choosing.
Life gives us feedback.
Relationships offer healing.
Forgiveness brings happiness to all.

I am important. (Each one of us is important in the healing of humanity.)
I am invited to forgive, love and respect myself.
I will love and respect others, when I give myself the love I deserve.
I am here to be healing and helpful with the forgiveness I give to everyone.
Forgiveness, an eraser filled with Love, is the way to inner peace.

Gratitude is the way.
Being grateful for my life teaches me respect for Who I AM.
Appreciating our sacred journey invites me to see Who You Really Are.
When I live with appreciation and open-mindedness, I see the world with Love.
We are One and in our Unity lies our healing and salvation.

Peace is our goal.
Happiness is on purpose.
Forgiveness is our function.
Living Love is what we are doing here.
I am grateful we are free and remembering to forgive and see All Life as precious.

Always loving you and me and all humanity with the Truth I know and Love I Am.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue
aka “B’Lue”