Thursday, August 14, 2008


Kindness begets kindness.
One kind deed teaches the recipients and those who observe the kindness.
Begin with being kind to yourself.
Take time to appreciate who you really are.
Smile at yourself in the mirror and in your mind.
Give yourself credit when it is due.
When you do a good job, enjoy the moment.
Celebrate yourself on special days and time.
Value your time and energy by giving when it is valued.
Know yourself to be a good, kind and trustworthy person.
Be accountable for all your commitments to yourself and others.
Keep a kind countenance. (Smiling always helps.)
Use a tone of voice and words that sound kind.
Give yourself encouragement when you feel discouraged.
Give yourself reassurance when you are frightened.
Give yourself time and space when you need quiet reflection.
Give your best to yourself and see that others benefit.

Kindness begins within.
When you are kind to you, you will be kind to others.
When you are kind to others, they learn to be kind as well.
You see kindness is respectful love that always begets more Love.

Thank you for your kindness, respect and Love.
Together we are building a kinder and more respectful world.
Blessings of gratitude and joy,
Betty Lue

For those who wish to join us (not in person) on line on our website, we will be taping our classes so that you have access.
We will give you password access and ask for a small contribution to support Reunion Ministries.
Let me know if you wish to participate. Loving you in every way we feel guided. Betty Lue