Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spiritual Structure

Yesterday I was asked for structure, guidelines and exactly how to do life spiritually.
So today I am here to respond with structure…… much as I can in a general way.
Remember that specifically, you must find your own unique path and readjust it for greatest benefit.

The underlying question here is: How do you live the most consistently inspired life?

Your life work is to consistently support yourself in being happy, healthy and fulfilled.
Your life work is to be the best you by loving you with the best.
Your life work is to contribute to your world with the best you are.

How you do that will be a process of discovery to determine what is best for you.

Suggestions: (Only for those who seriously want to be happy and at their best all day!)

Start the day with inspirational work and play.
30 day program of forgiveness, choice and gratitude, affirmations, prayer, Bible study or other holy scriptures, using esoteric tools, inner listening, communing with nature, moving or sitting meditation, yoga, breath work, T’ai Chi Chih or Qi Gong. ( Do not begin your day with external conversation, TV, or engaging the outside world.) This is a time to fill up you gas tank, focus and direct your mind, body and Spirit for the day. Get up early enough so there are no interruptions or distractions (or if need be, choose the middle of the night!)

Make every daily ritual an opportunity to remind yourself of what is most important and inspiring for you.
In the shower practice forgiveness and washing away the past. Ask questions and listen within.
In the bathroom, release all that is no longer valuable and breathe in new life, new energy and new possibility. At meal time, sit down, pause and take the time to give thanks for the food and for all those who assisted in bringing it to your table to nourish you. When you answer the phone, make a note to treat everyone as you want to be treated. When you greet your family members and friends during the day, give them your blessing, your attention and your love and respect. Remember, what you give you receive.

If you are having trouble giving someone (including you) your best:
Take time to journal and write out what you are allowing to interfere with your loving them. You see where you withhold love, you withhold life energy from yourself. Where you allow fear and judgment to interfere with your loving, you are shutting down you true natural inspiration and the gift of Love you are here to give.

These are specifics. Even if you only do one thing religiously and consistently with full consciousness, your whole life will change.

Enjoy the blessing!
Betty Lue
Know I am loving you and reminding myself all along the way!