Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Are You Thinking?

Thoughts create.
Thoughts are like a paint brush in our minds.
What we see is an out-picturing of our creative mind.
When we are unaware, we create our programmed, habitual and learned thoughts.
The world we see is our thoughts painted on the canvas of the world we see.

When we are thinking positive thoughts, we see positive things.
When we are thinking negative thoughts, we see negative things.
When we are thinking happy thoughts, we see happy things.
When we are thinking unhappy thoughts, we feel unhappy feelings.

Changing our minds will change our lives.
What we seek, we find.
The seeds you plant will grow.
What you focus on, grows.
Appreciation increases what you appreciate.
What we perceive, we strengthen in ourselves.

All of these truths are telling us the same Truth.
Think what you want to be in your world.
Think without judgment, doubt or fear.
Visualize and imagine the life you want.

See the wholeness and Holiness in all things.
Seek the gift and blessing in all experiences.
Recognize the choice to perceive with love or with fear.
Allow forgiveness=(”Giving our blessing” to All that appears to be) to change your perceptions.

You see in the end, we are creating our experience.
In the beginning, we were given “free will” and choice.
In the middle, we felt guilt and went to sleep on choosing.
And Now, we are awakening to forgive and choose again.

This is Good.
Betty Lue

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