Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Settle or Strive?

Is life a compromise or a challenge?
Are we to be comfortable or truly happy?
Do we suffer and sacrifice or live and learn?
Are we to be our best or make others better?

There are many questions in life about how we are to live.
To each his own means we must uniquely honor our path.
The ignorant and unconscious do not know there is a path.
For those still sleeping there is only to find a niche and fill it.

We can ask ourselves how awake are we really?
We can look at our lives and ask, are we living our best?
We can assess our mental, emotional, physical and relationship health to measure our consciousness.
We can spend time daily cultivating our inner garden and the quality of our everyday lives.

How do you communicate when you are stressed?
What do you give when you are tired and depleted?
How much do you learn when you meet a challenging situation?
How resistant and antagonistic or accepting and forgiving are you?

Life gives us lessons, learning opportunities and challenges to grow.
Relationships offer opportunities to help, to heal and to forgive the past.
Each new day begins with choices to start brand new or carry over yesterday.
Even our physiology is renewing itself moment by moment unless we resist.

How often do we settle for familiarity and comfort because we are afraid of change?
How much do we blame our family of origin or our current situation for what we judge is wrong?
How long do we stay when the signs inner and outer tell us to move on with forgiveness and faith?
How many outside authorities, books, people, research, etc. do we allow to direct out lives?

In life, we are the choosers.
We can choose to settle or to strive.
We can choose to stagnate or thrive.
We can choose to die slowly or live abundantly.

Freedom and trust will lift your spirits.
Freedom and trust will guide your way.
Freedom and trust with bring joy and direction.
Freedom and trust are gifts of conscious choosing.

Love is the way.
We were created in Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Love chooses to be free and to trust spiritual guidance within.
Love is the gift we are here to give one another.

In Freedom with Trust, I share with you my inner guidance day by day, never knowing what I will say.
Betty Lue

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