Thursday, May 29, 2008

Routine, Regularity and Ritual

If you want more time, order and ease, develop a daily routine for the basics.
When you want to be organized with your stuff and efficient with your time, set a routine.
Begin and end you day at the same time and in the same way.
Handle all the basic stuff easily and without thought.

Up before 6AM with personal and spiritual care.
Set an intention or visualize the day you desire with your morning tea or in the shower.
Make your bed and straighten your home, so you can return to order and ease.
What you see effects your energy level and mood, so make sure it looks happy and complete.

If you want your body to be happy, take care of it with regularity.
When you want to be healthy, give your body the daily basic care it needs.
Bodies love regularity with same time sleeping hours, eating hours and elimination.
Our physiology like our car will function most efficiently on high energy fuel.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Those who practice this “Truth” will find themselves healthier and happier.
Feed yourself natural, home-cooked food at regular times and eliminate early AM.
Sleep enough hours to wake up naturally and have enough fresh air and sunshine.

If you want your relationships to feel respected, provide some ritual.
Give your loved ones daily care and feeding of love and positive attention.
Everyone benefits from adequate and regular communication and affirmation.
Speak respectfully and with an acknowledgment of your love and caring.

Make a daily ritual of good morning and goodnight kisses, hugs or “I love you.”
Make it a ritual to say please and thank you to everyone in your life, especially your family.
Make it a ritual to have some quiet time daily with no TV, music or conversation.
Make it a loving habit to have meals with only positive conversation.
Treat your family members like you would a guest and they will learn respect and consideration.

There are many ways to clean up our lives.
It only takes one conscious willing person.
You are the One.
With your happy, confident willingness, all things will change for Good.

Blessings of love for you and all of us,
Betty Lue