Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remember the Good!

What good does it do to remember the bad?
What feeling arise when we think about what might have been?
How does it help to keep revisiting the pain and hurt again and again?
Why hurt ourselves over and over by remembering what we want to forget?

Pain in the moment is inevitable on occasion in this physical world.
Suffering, the restimulation of what was, is optional.
True forgiveness is forgetting.
Real Love is beginning again each moment.

When we say “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”, we are buying into a classic myth.
Some are stimulated and empowered with defending against what might come again.
Some are frightened and dependent by thinking the tragedy that might strike again.
Some are rendered paralyzed and helpless with fear.

However, where we judge, defend and fear attack, we are designing our vulnerability.
When we defend ourselves, we are attacked. ACIM
Even in our imagination, defense is recreating the attack to defend against.
So bad memories attack our peace, happiness and creativity.

To continually give credit to the bad guys builds their strength and identity.
To focus attention on what we fear increase the fear.
To build fortresses against the “enemy” sucks the energy we might use for building good.
To give energy to the wrongs done against us, gives them more power and credibility.

No matter what the experience, seek to find the good and positive components.
No matter what the difficulty, see the blessing and opportunities to love and to heal.
No matter what the problem or pain, seek to amplify the solutions and the joy.
No matter what the history, give your attention and appreciation to the highest outcome.

Memorial Cay is the time to remember those we love who are no longer in body.
Memorial Day is the opportunity to celebrate humanity’s learning war is futile.
Memorial Day is a chance to celebrate freedom and trust, respect and sovereignty for all people.
The Holy Day is our chance to give to those who have given so much to us.

Our ancestors, soldiers, statesmen, pioneers, leaders, teachers, parents and role models, these are our heroes. No matter what side someone is on, when they are doing and giving, teaching and living, the very best they know, they are to be appreciated.
Let us learn to remember the good times, that we might recreate them.
Let us dwell on our blessings and freedoms that we might give them to others.
Let us seek to contribute our Highest Truths to those who follow that we might lead the way to Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all Humanity.

Blessings of Faith in the Goodness in All
Betty Lue