Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are You Moving?

Life moves us whether we know it or not to the next level of love, trust and creative contribution.

Yes, life is a moving ride in a universal adventure park.
Some of our rides have themes or underlying lessons, ie to overcome fear, to heal the past, to learn to love, to receive from others, to handle crises, to awaken ourselves and others, to be truly helpful, etc.

When we listen and respond immediately, life just keeps right on flowing.
When we are afraid and hesitate, stop the ride or push the emergency button, things get off center.
We need to learn flowing with the current keeps us safe and having a fun, safe and easy life.
And when we get in trouble (afraid, lost, rocking the boat or out of control), we need to ask for help.

There is no way to predict the outcome of any choice.
There is no way to have all options reviewed and figured out.
There is no way to be absolutely certain it will all work perfectly.
There is no way to count on all the variables lining up in our direction.

So can we trust?
Are we willing to take risks?
Do you listen to our intuition and inner guidance?
Are we willing to experience what life offers with appreciation?
When we are free of attachments, we can let go and move on as called.
When we are attached to our creations and relationships we may cling to what no longer is needed.

We may not understand why or when or where or with whom, but we can know Spirit (God) will use us.
We may not see what lies ahead, but we can be assured all is made ready for us.
We may not be personally excited about the move, but when given to God, it will be used for Good.
We may not have chosen the change, but with a Good intention in our hearts, we know all is well.

Be happy and willing and open to what is for the Highest Good and it will be so.
Blessing us all as we move and flow through life,
Betty Lue