Monday, April 21, 2008

Living and Giving the Best

(These are the notes for my Sunday talk).

When are you the Best?
When you are happy.
When you are loving.
When you are peaceful.
When you are remembering God.

When are you not at your best?
When afraid, we create control dramas.
Intimidate: angry, impatient, frustrated, critical
Interrogate: explanations and justifications attempt to understand, analyze.
Poor me/victim: complaining, blaming externals, self pity
Withdrawn and aloof: Shut away, depressed, silent

How do you remember God?
How do you be happy and loving and peaceful?
Do you let go of unhappiness easily?
Do you resolve conflicts by choosing peace instead?
Do you step away from being afraid and seek out love?

What will remind you to be happy, peaceful and loving?
The stuff and relationships you have will be happy if you are happy with them.
The way you relate to what you have and your attitude gives you contentment.
Look for what you can do when you eat, when you sleep, when you talk.
Look for how you can honor yourself as you would honor a guest in your home.
Look for how every moment you are either remembering the best in you or less.
Look for when you give yourself true happiness and peace, others are blessed.
Look for the way you inspire, encourage and motivate others by your attitude.
Look for what you can do today to make yourself happy.

What can you do to live the best and let go of the rest?
Sometimes we need to eliminate and cut away those memories which deplete us.
Sometimes we need to stop ingesting toxic material or empty calories of inspiration.
Sometimes we need to offer ourselves experiences which lift us up to Spirit.
Sometimes we need to simply treat ourselves with love and respect every day.

Specific Suggestions:
Swing on a swing.
Fly a kite.
Get out your best china to eat dinner.
Drink a cup of tea and watch the sun rise.
Dress to please yourself.
Pray for your enemies and send them blessings. ”I love you and release you.”
Do things that make you feel good everyday.
Find a way to be grateful for every actitivty of the day.
And when you give yourself the joy and peace and love your deserve, you will be the blessing you seek.
You will see that your joy is contagious.
Your light shines away all darkness.
Your love dissolves others’ fear.
Your joy lifts the clouds of despair and brings hope.
Your light and Love display the Power and Presence of God in you.

To live the best and give the Best, you become a messenger of God’s Goodness.
You are a teacher of Love, here to extend God’s Peace and Joy to all people.
Bless us all everyone.
Betty Lue