Friday, April 25, 2008

In Lean Times

When there is a slowdown in traffic, learn patience and trust.
Trust all things work together for Good.

When we lose a job, we need to remember there can be a Higher Purpose.
Everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.

When the gas prices go us, we can drive less and walk more.
We can choose to appreciate all the Abundance we have taken for granted.

When the economy goes down, we can undo wasteful habits.
With Trust and Freedom, we can see a blessing in All That Is.

Life works when we do the Work.
Let’s be grateful for the Riches we do have!

Freedom of choice.
Opportunities to move anywhere.
Free education and public libraries.
Fantastic open spaces, parks and recreation areas.
Beautiful land on which to walk and plant and enjoy.
Freedom to create in imagination and speech and activities.
Unlimited ways to serve, to volunteer and be truly helpful.
Communication systems that are truly open to all.
Running water, sewage systems, electricity and air to breathe.

We are rich I resources, rich in service, rich in freedoms.

Bless us all for the Good we share.
Betty Lue