Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Moon and Earth Day

Full Moon today is an intensification of the energies at hand, our own personal high tide within.
Earth Day on Tuesday is the opportunity to celebrate and remember the Presence and Power of the Earth.
She sustains almost 7 billion people and countless other species with her air, water and soil. She gives us life.
Her mountains, oceans, deserts and plains provide us with amazing beauty, miracles of Goodness and Love.
And still we take her resources for granted.

When “two-leggeds” first lived on her belly, we were willing to move with the weather, the available game and the changing seasons.
We only used what was needed and wasted nothing.
When we, humanity, began to ascribe ownership to what has always belonged to the Good Mother, we became attached to what we owned.
We sat and built and stayed even when conditions bid us to go. To own what is not ours in Truth, requires laws, fences and defenses.
People were measured and empowered by how much land was owned.
People stayed even when the conditions were of drought, plague, pestilence and famine.
People began to war, pillage and plunder.
People became covetous of other land and wanted more.
We lost our freedom of movement, our trust in provision, our acceptance of change and our willingness to flow with the cycles of nature.
As we began to defend against nature, we judged, feared, built fortresses and set ourselves apart from what was formerly our ally.

We began innocently by accepting trusting and respecting what was given by the good mother Earth.
And when we took for ourselves, we learned to defend our greed and fear the Earth herself.
When humanity attacks, steals and hoards, it fears being attacked, stolen from and violated.
Thus began our separation from our natural state of Goodness, sharing and Love.

What would it take to be friends with nature?
What would it take to simply be grateful for supply?
What would it take to treat all life with respect?
What would it take to honor the weather and the season?

How can we reclaim our natural state of love, respect and trust?
How can we remember to honor, appreciate and be good stewards?
How can we trust that with instinct and intuition we will be nurtured and nourished?
How can we know that we already have everything we need and simply share the Good?

Let us forgive our mistakes of disrespect and greed.
Let us forgive our errors of fear, guilt, vengeance and lack of appreciation.
Let us forgive our unkindness to the Earth and her resources.
Let us step up and begin to treat all that is with respect and gratitude.

When we remember our heritage and who provides with true appreciation and love, we will know peace.
When we give honor to Mother Earth for her provision, shelter and great beauty, we will know joy.
When we treat what we have with a willingness to replenish what we have corrupted, we will know Love.

Let us Give All to our beautiful and bountiful Earth Mother,
Always remembering and reminding myself and everyone to Love with trust, gratitude and freedom to be our best,
Betty Lue