Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time for New Vision

To see with new eyes, we must remove old filters.
To really see the dark print clearly, we must focus on the white background.
To be willing to see our life differently, we must erase past stories and judgments.
To perceive new insight, gifts and blessings in what is, we must seek to see the Good.

Life is viewed through our projections and limiting beliefs.
When we believe in what we see, we are focused on the form or result of our believing.
When we believe in what we believe, we are choosing to hold what we have learned.
When we believe we can choose to change our point of view, we claim sovereignty over form.

How can it be that we claim to see what is only the product of our inner imagery?
How can it be that we can see the light instead of the dark simply with our will?
How can it be that we can find the Good in all things when the Good is what we seek?
How can it be that we choose what causes us to suffer in fear when we can choose to be inspire in Love?

It is time for each one of us to create a New Vision for the renewal of our Spirit Self in all we do.
It is time for us to center ourselves in the Goodness within to be shared rather than focus on the lack without.
It is time to serve the Higher Self extending Peace to All rather than serving egoic comfort for ourselves.
It is time for you and I to claim our True Identity, the Essence of Creativity and Love, not destructive fear.

It is essential for us to awaken ourselves first.
In this we are awakening our planet and humanity.
It is essential that we be conscious and responsible for all our thinking, saying and doing.
In this we are creating a world of conscious responsible beings.

This time is the creation of a New Earth, one in which all people can awaken to their own vision.
This time is the spring of our rebirth and remembrance of the Truth in which we are created.
This time is the moment in which we access the power of our creative Spirit.
This time is the Now in which all things, past, present and to come are healed and made holy in Love.

We are at the crossroads in the history of humanity.
It is our vision and our consciousness which determines our destiny.
We are the ones who are giving ourselves enough inner reflection and outer respons-ability to make the changes.
It is our choice to live abundantly or to remain victims of history.

This is our time for a new Vision,
I loving seeing us all whole, happy and free,
Betty Lue