Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week

From Palm Sunday until Easter, this is the basic story I know.
Jesus (spiritual teacher and healer) rode into Jerusalem on a donkey celebrating his Good works.
Mid week he shared a meal (Last Supper) with his students (12 disciples).
He announced he was done and that he would be betrayed by one of them.
He went to have quiet time and asked for them to stay awake to care for him, and they all fell asleep.
He was abandoned, rejected and sold out by his own closest friends.
He was stoned and crucified to belittle and humiliate him. (Standard punishment)
He asked for forgiveness for all of them.
They put his body in a cave (tomb).
After three days, they found tomb empty.
Later he was talked to and seen by several people.

What have you learned about this?
What can you learn now about it?
Often we accept stories just as they are told and learn nothing except to feel bad, sad, guilty and afraid.
Maybe this year, we can open our hearts and minds to see and hear it a little differently.

Every prayer Jesus of Nazareth prayed was a prayer of forgiveness.
Every word and story Jesus told was a message of forgiveness.
Every action and interaction he had was one of forgiveness.
Jesus’ singular message was to forgive all judgments of everyone and everything and remember Love.

“Love Goodness and God and Love one another.”
It is in loving that you remember the Goodness in you and All That Is.

Goodness and God are found in loving.
Healing and holiness are found in loving.
Abundance and Joy are found in loving.
Resurrection and new life are found in loving.

We are healed when we love.
We are forgiven when we love.
We are prospered when we love.
We are blessed when we love.
We behold the blessings when we love.
We find peace when we love.
We are lifted up when we love.
We are enlightened when we love.
We Know Goodness and God when we love.
We behold the wonder of life when we Love.

Maybe the message of this Easter is to let go of the heavy and dark stories of the past.
Lay them to rest in the tomb of our forgiveness.
Allow ourselves to be lifted up in the Light of Goodness and Holiness to Joy and Peace.
Through forgiveness we can ascend into Heaven here on Earth.

Listen within and let me know the message you hear,
Betty Lue