Sunday, March 23, 2008


The first of the four directions is East.
Easter is the beginning and the alpha.
Easter is the dawn of something new.
Easter is the awakening of Joy.
Easter symbolizes the new life that comes after letting go of the past.
Easter is the remembering of what can be when we forgive all.
Easter is the hope of a better life to come.

In so many homes and hearts, there is a deep yearning for Easter.
You and I can bring the light of hope and the blessing of faith that inspires.
We can generate a renewal of Spirit with our tears and our laughter.
We can bring the passion that inspires those we encounter to see differently.

From a place of renewal, we can be open and full of wonder and appreciation.
From a perspective of rebirth, we can give new energy and creativity to what is.
From a plan of remembering, we can allow ourselves to forget what no longer is valued.
From a purpose of realization, we can relate to all others with respect and responsibility.

Love is the answer.
Joy is the way.
Peace is the gift.
On this Holy Healing Day.

Yes, the children have candy and Easter Egg hunts, but what are we hunting for?
Seek and ye shall find.
Are the adults seeking for temporary enjoyment and pleasuring our physical hungers?
Or are we seeking for lasting love and a deep fulfillment in giving appreciation and Joy?

Simply by focusing on what we seek to be, we energize what already exists but is unseen.
The risen Christ is the Light which lives in all humanity, but remains illusive because we forget.

Let us the Light within which is the beginning of awakening to the New Dawn.
Let us remember the Real and hidden treasures already are here within us all.

Happy and Blessed Easter, the Sonrise within all humanity.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

We are off for one week sabbatical, just Robert and I for our own spiritual healing and renewal.
You can reach us by phone 800-919-2392 or email.
We will return on March 31 for our usual weekly classes.