Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cranky and Impatient

Mad Hatter’s wild ride anyone?
Mercury in Retrograde Jan. 29 for 3 weeks plus some?
Every “gazoobie” showing up for healing?
Opportunities to heal the “yucky” stuff and grow the Goodness!

For me “IMPATIENCE” is my area of needed work.
I am patient with my impatience.
I can use my impatience to show me where I am attached.
I can value the insights I get from being impatient.
I forgive the judgments that create my impatience.
I can acknowledge the unseen and withheld communications of the past.
I am willing to see how fast I choose to move and change, conceive and achieve.
I am aware when I need to rest and nurture myself by the impatience I feel.
“My patience with my brother is my patience with myself.” From ACIM
And I would never let myself get away with the stuff I perceive from others. Ha, Ha!

All is all I am patient with my impatience.
I recognize God, the Spirit of Goodness, within me will use everything for Good at my request.
And so it is that I request this day to be one of rest and renewal, forgiveness and trust.
I appreciate my willingness to let go and let Goodness prevail in the Love We Are as One.

Let it be what it is, recognizing only Love is real.
All else is temporary illusion.

My consistent willingness to love and forgive, trusting the Goodness That Is, is unfailing.
I am loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Yesterday was a business success meeting for the Center!
At the beginning of the meeting, I asked to be patient.
So everything that makes me impatient showed up for healing!
  • Where are you learning and growing, healing and forgiving?
  • What can you do to be more gentle and kind, taking impeccable care of you?
  • What works for you when you get stuck in an emotional pit or mental block or physical pain?
  • Where to you turn when you forget Who You Are and Why You Are Here?