Saturday, January 12, 2008

Definitions..Philosophy.. Beliefs

Betty Lue is Reunion Ministries and Reunion Ministries is Betty Lue.
I have spent my whole life loving people and helping them love themselves.
I believe that is what makes us happy and healthy and giving and creative and effective in life.
When I because spiritual “conscious” and woke up to my Real Life, I saw it was the same.

I easily and naturally love myself.
I never learned to judge, criticize, hate or distrust myself.
I was treated with respect in all my loving ways, and so always have respected the Love in me.
I believe Love is my Path, Love is my Essence, Love is my Gift and Love is my Source.

I grew up understanding the God is Love.
From this I deduce that Love is God.
I learned, saw, felt and experienced that God is Good.
Therefore, I am The Goodness and Love of God, expressing itself.

So I never saw God as a person or personality.
I never believed in a religion that taught fear or evil or unloving ways.
I only saw Love creating like itself for the purpose of more Love and Goodness.
And from this I can only imagine we are here to unlearn false beliefs and untruth.
We are here to be helpful to one another in remembering Love is Who We Are.
We are here to undo everything that is untrue about me and you.

I have seen and experienced that much of humanity has been falsely taught.
I notice how people seem to always give external authority the right to tell us who we are.
I have watched people consistently behave as though their parents and teachers were correct.
I have observed that until we forgive and undo our faulty thinking, we cannot change our behavior.

It appears that over the eons of history, humanity has come to the false conclusion that its judgments about one another are correct and must be corrected with punishment, criticism, penance and pain.
It would seem that we have built and maintain a belief in a God of evil and sin, limits and lack, suffering and death as well as a God of Good and Forgiveness, magnificence and abundance, healing and eternal Life.

It seems that the duality we experience is knowing there is the Original Blessing of a God of Goodness and Love which created only Goodness and Love and realizing our own error in begetting a mythical God of Evil and Fear, which begets Evil and Fear. And so we have in inner struggle between right and wrong, Good and Evil which originated from our own mistake which seeks only to be forgiven.

Questions I ask you:
What do you believe?
How do you live what you believe?
Are your beliefs what you want to teach your world?
Do your beliefs create a better world of more Love and Goodness?
Do your behaviors teach the world to love away the belief in Fear and Evil?

There is much more for me to ponder on this weekend workshop of Living Ministry Training in Whole Life Integrity and Balance.

We are each teaching our world and those with whom we associate by how we live and give, talk and behave toward others and ourselves.
Each one of us is ministering to others and to our world.
Each one of us is demonstrating what we believe by how we live.
So let your “Ministry” be a light unto your world today, I pray!
Betty Lue