Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year of Success

Hope you are ready for a really big and wonderful year of Success and New Beginnings!
Our New Year’s eve workshops are today and tomorrow and recordings will be available on line.
Inviting you to share a free will contribution for benefit of our new non profit community Center.

To get ready you must do the work.
Forgive the past.
Erase with love.
What remains will be the blessings of days gone by.
Only with appreciation of what we learned, received and gave can we fully open to Good that is to come.

Appreciate who you are and where you are right now!
See your life is on purpose.
Release all doubt, criticism and fear.
Only with the fullness and confidence of One who sees, trusts and believes in themselves can we achieve.

Expect only Good and all Good in your future.
Place your faith in One Whose Only Purpose is your Good, your Happiness and Peace.
End all unnecessary anxiety by trusting there is a Good Life awaiting you.
Free yourself to believe and conceive of your Highest Vision.
Know you can achieve what is Good for All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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