Sunday, November 11, 2007

Judge No One

Remember what you see and condemn in your brother is in yourself.
“Let he who is without error cast the first stone.”
Until we are squeaky clean, we have no business but to clean our own house.
Always and in all ways we are to clean up our own action.

First and foremost we must model the behaviors we want to teach others.
We cannot teach or inspire change in anyone until we understand and accept them.
We are to find their underlying intention, speak in their language and desire only their best.
In trusting their learning process and freeing them to learn naturally without fear, we love them.

Where we have hurt ourselves with mistakes, self doubt and criticism, we will judge others.
When we are attacking or blaming anyone, they will always attack back or withdraw their love..
When we are forgiving and loving others, they will learn to forgive and love as well.
It only takes one, but that One must be clear, committed to Love and truthful.

Where we are living off purpose and out of integrity, we are vulnerable and easily upset.
Where we are upset is our wakeup call to heal something within ourselves.
When we commit to heal, we forgive the past and choose again the present and future we want to see.
When we learn the lessons of forgiveness and love, we are healed and trustworthy as teachers.

When upset by anyone or anything:
Be aware of your responsibility in what you experience.
Acknowledge your mistakes.
Forgive yourself and others.
Listen within daily for how to heal, teach and respond with love.
Change your thoughts, words and actions to loving affirmations.
Appreciate every small step in the right direction.
Celebrate as you live your life impeccably.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Learn to love everyone with trust and freedom.
This means not setting up anyone to hurt you.
Whatever a brother asks, do it….. unless it does harm to him or to you.
To learn to love another as you love yourself is the key to happiness and inner peace.
To learn to love yourself as you love your most beloved friend, is the key to Love God.
To love everyone equally is to know God’s Love and the Perfect Trust that comes from Perfect Love.