Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fear Binds the World

Fear Binds the World.
Forgiveness Sets It Free.
(from ACIM)

What this means is that when we are afraid we contract in our bodies and in our minds.
Our physiology is constricted and the flow of life energy, breath, digestion, circulation, etc, is limited.
Our thinking becomes distorted and our creative thinking is diminished.
The fear of judgment, anger, regret, hurt, sorrow, resentment and bigotry shut down thinking and action.

It is forgiveness, an eraser filled with love, that opens the flow.
When you forgive your fear and those who taught you fear, you open the flow of healing energy.
With forgiveness, you see the world with Love and trust, seeing beneath the surface appearance.
When you see the world with forgiving eyes, you see the love and goodness and beauty.

With true forgiveness comes a greater light to see what is needed.
We are called to extend more light and love to those places in which there is lack and limitation.
We are free without judgment and fear to give what is being asked of us.
We trust that love freely given will heal and reveal what has been hidden and blocked.

When we shut down our inner sight and insight with prejudice, past history, pain, guilt and resentment,
We cannot perceive the truth of what is and our creative response is diminished.
Judgment and fear distort what is perceived, revealing a reflection of the call for healing from within.
Whenever we are upset or afraid, we have lost our trust in the revelation of Good.

Forgiveness reveals God, the intrinsic Goodness in All That Is.
Let us commit to forgive the world we see, forgive everything and everyone, including ourselves.
In our forgiveness our perception is healed and the True Creation of Love is revealed.
This is our function here, to clear the fear.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue