Monday, October 29, 2007

What Do You Do?

Do you spend every moment with people you like?
Do you take time daily to enjoy what you are doing?
Do you give the best you have to everyone including You?
Do you allow inner guidance and inspiration to guide your life?

When you can answer with a whole-hearted YES, your life will be a Joy!
When you can give a resounding 'thumbs up', you will be healthy and happy.
When you take full responsibility for the life you have, you will be empowered.
When you are creating the Good Life, the Godly life and it is Good!

When you find yourself with those you judge, forgive yourself for judging.
Seek something to appreciate and let go of the rest.
Focus on what you value in yourself and others.
Remember where we place our attention we increase.

When you are feeling down and negative, sad or bored, forgive your choices.
Make a list of what makes you feel up and positive, happy and interested.
Give yourself at least one positive experience daily and appreciate it.
When you focus on what you value with appreciation, it grows and you have more to appreciate.

When you believe you are a victim of circumstances, people or bad luck, you will feel weak and helpless.
Forgive yourself for playing the " Poor-me" game to find comfort, solace and attention.
Forgive others for teaching you that we are at the effect of the fates or destiny and undo limiting beliefs.
Stop telling sad stories and stop believing you deserve anything less than the best.

When your lifer seems sad and bad, know that the script writer needs to be firee or rewired.
Give yourself a break and begin to watch listen to and read only stories of hope and possibility.
Eliminate weakening and limiting words: "I can't,", "I don't know", " I have to", "I should".
Begin each day with a vision of the Good you want to experience and give thanks for creating Good.

The best awaits us with each day, each breath, each holy encounter.
Happiness is a choice which eludes us only when we seek and find what is wrong, sad and disappointing.
Empowerment comes when we love ourselves enough to give ourselves the Good we deserve.
Looking for Good in all the wrong places is like looking for Love from those who don't have Love.

What do you do with your first moments upon awakening?
What do you do with your thoughts as you get ready for your day?
What do you do when you prepare your healthy meals?
What do you do with your work hours and your play hours?
What do you do to take impeccable care of you?
What do you do for inspiration, nutrition, loving relationships, meaningful learning, entertainment, contribution to others, community building respecting the environment, everyday creativity?

Each day is yours to envision,, create and maintain with the qualities you want and deserve.
Loving you,
Betty Lue