Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Rules

Make your own rules and live by them.
Find your own values and practice them.
Declare you own principles and then follow them.
Live, love, give and receive with consistency and integrity.

Finding what works is a work unto itself.
I cannot makeup what is right for others.
I can only find what works for me.
To find what works, I must be always observing, learning and discerning.

My focus is to support others in improving the quality of their lives by living their full potential.
(By the way, our potential is unlimited!)
My ways of support include encouraging, inviting, teaching, modeling, advising, inspiring, contributing, appreciating, utilizing, building teams and centers, befriending, teasing, directing, and being siltent.
There re many more ways which may include letting go,, forgiving, ignoring, blessing, visualizing, praying, affirming, counseling, coaching, mentoring, employing, etc.

When I speak to someone, I may be soft and easy, strong and firm, directive and non-directive.
In a group, I may tell, teach, listen, process, demonstrate, wait for others, push ahead.
Underneath all the apparent differences in approach, I simply intend to access and encourage each individual to make the changes needed to develop their innate potential with purpose, passion and power.

You see I know the Truth in You and each one.
God's kids are unlimited as is God.
The Creator created us limitless in our creativity.
We create with our words and our ways of living.
We can when we KNOW we can.

I am a True Believer. ( and always have been)
I know what is possible, because I know all things are possible.
I KNOW you are capable of changing the quality of your life.
I know you (we) create our relationships, prosperity. Happiness, fulfillment.
I know we are responsible for the experiences we have and how we interpret them.

I know there are no rules until we make them.
I know we create what we believe to be true.
I know I am here to be helpful and hopeful.
I know I must listen within to find the way to think, speak and act each moment with each one.
I know that I do not know how, because the how is every changing.
I know that only the power within me can see what is for the Highest Good each moment.
I know I am loving you, loving me and loving God.
This means to me I am trusting you, me and God in our unfolding or "remembering" process.
This means I free us all to flow like the river in the direction of ease and Joy.
Loving you,
Betty Lue