Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do You Care?

Worry wastes energy.
"To Worry" means to strangle.

Worrying is passive and is based on not trusting, and feeling helpless to act.
Yes, many families teach worrying is a sign of caring..

What is daring to care?
How can we care effectively?

Respect others.
To respect means to "look again" or see things differently.
To respect others is to be willing to look beneath the apparency and see their strengths and good intentions.
To respect others is to trust them to handle, learn from and solve their own problems.

Be responsible.
To be able and willing to respond is to participate with Love when asked or invited.
To be responsible does not mean to interfere, advise and take over, when not involved.
To be responsible means caring and sharing when requested for what you have to offer.

Be cooperative and co-creative.
When two or more come together for the good of everyone, the best solutions come about.
When there is a request for help with heartfelt listening, there is a willingness to honor the other.
To co-operate is to join for the highest outcome rather than offer a quick fix solution.

Build trust in your relationships.
Keep confidences.
Take impeccable care of yourself, so there is no resentment or guilt.
Offer only your best self.
Respect the other's ability to resolve their own issues.
Share only when asked and received with gratitude.
Forgive all judgments.
Listen within for the most inspiring and empowering counsel.
Give what is being requested, not everything that is possible.

Daring to care recognizes that caring can be interfering and disempowering.
Daring to care chooses to treat all people and situations with respect and dignity.
Daring to care does not expect anything in return, but values one’s own time and energy.
Daring to care always means caring for oneself with the best you know consistently.

Loving and caring for you, with you, because I am You!
Betty Lue