Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let Go When You are Complete

To leave too early is to leave unfinished healing and growth.
To stay too long is to allow resentment, guilt or hurt to interfere with love and creativity.
Often we leave one relationship or situation only to recreate it again in a new form.
Rule of thumb may be to stay until you cannot create new options for healing and growth.

Remember every person and circumstance is unique, so we must trust in our inner guidance.
We are on purpose when the energy is open and flowing.
We are delayed, distracted, or stuck when we feel afraid, lethargic or empty.
We must move to get the energy flowing for Good again.

Take a look at your current state.
Where can you go to feel alive?
What can you do to remember Love.
Who can you talk with to trust and value yourself?

Forgive all and only Love and blessings will remain.
Choose the highest and Best and you step forward.
Appreciate your willingness to let go and learn and you will benefit.

Be one who is willing to step forward in faith.
Change what you can change. Your attitude, your beliefs, your behavior and your self respect.
Do what works and let go of what is ineffective.
Find and follow the path of least resistance.
Give All for the Good of All and know it is Gift for Every One.

Loving you,
Betty Lue