Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Does Your World Need?

First, what do you need?
  • Be specific and clear about what you need to stay inspired and feel supported in living a good life.
  • Define it, write it down, reflect on it, imagine having it and really clarify what is truly most essential.
  • Then give it to everyone, all the time, freely without expectation or attachment, with joy and gratitude.

When we give what we really want (not our superficial needs),what is most necessary for our Being:
Initially, our needs are met by giving what we want to have.
Secondarily, we teach and attract and build the world and relationships we want to have in our lives.
Lastly we create within ourselves the context from which we see we have within us everything we need.

Having rests on giving.
To have the friends we want, be the friend y0u want to have.
To have the partnership you really want, be the partner in thought, word and deed you want to have.
To have the home you want to have, treat your home with loving respect and appreciate right now.
To have the life you want to have, give your best with gratitude and joy every moment of each day.
To have the job you want to have, do every job with energy and enthusiasm as if it were your ideal.
To have the easy flow of finances, let go of fear and worry and appreciate the prosperity you have now.

Life is for giving.
We are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to contribute to world we want to be.
We are here to be the person we admire.
We are here to make a difference in the positive direction.
We are here to respect everyone to teach respect to everyone.
We are here to be able to respond to whatever comes our way so that we represent being responsible.
We are here to speak the Highest Truth, so we fill our world with Good and godly Truth.
We are here to model what we value, both publicly and in private.

It all begins with you and I.
We are the Ones.
Begin today to clean up your act.
Begin today to stop doing or saying anything that is not valuable.
Begin today to prune from your life agenda those things which have no value.
Begin today to give only Love and goodness away.
And know always, giving is receiving.

Loving you the best I know.
Betty Lue