Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hawaii Retreat Theme: Freedom with Responsibility

What are my Responsibilities?
I am responsible for trusting my spiritual connection with Spirit and listening to the inner Voice.
I am responsible for taking impeccable care of my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and worldly self.
I am responsible for creating and maintaining my environment, home and work affairs at the highest level.
I am responsible for treating everyone with respect and kindness, loving all equally.
I am responsible for living what I teach, ane listening to what I say and write.
I am responsible for respecting my freedoms and those of others.
I am responsible for leaving the legacy of love and Joy on planet Earth, in all my affairs and relationships.
I am responsible for doing no harm to myself, to others or to any sentient being.
I am responsible for living according to the Highest Principles of Love and Respect that I know.
I am responsible for forgiving and gratefully letting go of anything that is not supportive of my Holy Work.

My Freedom Proclamation
I am a free Spirit.
I am free to choose my life as is was, is and will be.
I am free to forgive the past and live wholly in the present.
I am free to create my world again and still again.
I am free to live or to die, to laugh or to cry.
I am free to give all I have or keep what I make.
I am free to love everyone or love only some.
I am free to see God in every moment or see what others see.
I am free to learn the world’s lessons or learn only lessons in loving.
I am free to give the very best and forget the rest, knowing all things work together for God and for Good.

What are you responsible for?
What are the freedoms you claim for yourself.
They are all free for you to choose and you are responsible for your choices?????

Loving you,
Betty Lue