Monday, June 18, 2007

What Do We Do with the Fear-based Culture?

This morning I was realizing: When I grew up……
We were not afraid of sunshine.
We had a vegetable garden.
We did not have or use credit cards.
We bought what we had money to pay for. (only our house had a mortgage.)
We sewed all our own clothes and bought the extras at a discount store.
We saved money for a special family trip to Europe when I was a senior in High School.
We had fun saving money.
We visited the doctor only when we were sick (rarely).
We were not afraid of drinking water.
We were not afraid of playing in the woods.
We were friendly with strangers.
Phone calls did not interrupt dinner or chores or conversations.
We looked people in the eye and smiled easily.
We always treated all elders with great respect.
People were comfortable being quiet.
Reading, crafts and hobbies were preferred past times.
Men opened the door for women, and seated them first.
We all said 'Please' and 'Thank You' to one another.
Children always had chores and sometimes a little allowance.
We were excited to learn new things to help our parents.
It was good to go to school, do homework and get good grade.
We appreciated our teachers and let them know with gifts and notes.
We watched a little TV, like Ozzie and Harriet, but preferred to play outside.
We all played some sport or instrument.
Families played board games and card games together.
We went to drive-in movies and at popcorn.
There were no magazine articles about sex.
Diets were mostly focused on eating a balance of the food groups.
We all cleaned out own houses and washed our own cars and mowed our own lawns.
We went to church together on Sunday and had a big fun family dinner Sunday afternoon.
We went on two week vacations every summer.
We drove to our relatives on special holidays or for family reunions.
Politics was a matter of voting for the best man, the one you trusted.

We felt safe and loved.
We felt secure in our world and were free.
We valued our relationships.
We took good care of the simple things we had.
Relationships lasted. Money lasted. Our things lasted.
Respect, responsibility and cooperation were taught naturally.
Life works when we love, trust and respect ourselves and others.

Clear the fear.
Let Love here, with me and you!
Betty Lue
(See the children below! They are the reason for clearing the fear and the return to Love.)
And we love watching our grand children play.
They are natural, feeling safe and loved.

Let’s be like two Moms at the park with their babies!

Kissing my sister’s baby, so she doesn’t cry!