Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Take Nothing Personally

We all experience a world where emotional and physical drama, seems to be an addiction.
The soap opera of life exaggerates what we feel, what we believe and what we see and hear.
There are no truths, only the deceptions of our false identification with the made up melodrama.

Our unconscious, usually forgotten history, attracts and/or triggers the ancient emotional response.
We are emotionally or physically reactive to stored unhealed and painful stuff. Rather than take on and take in more of the same, we care called to forgive, erase, release, undo.

What is not true does not belong to you.
What is believed, you can choose to see differently.
What is true, you can choose to change.

Life offers opportunities to heal what we feel.
Do not confuse yourself with the self- abuse of questioning, doubting and blaming yourself or others.
It hurt you to feel guilty. It hurts you to blame.
It heals you to forgive yourself.
It heals you to learn to respond with Love.

So here we sit in a sea of emotion, energy that has gotten stuck with our fears and judgments.
We are collectors of whatever we judge and value, either negative or positive.
When we neutralize feelings with forgiveness, breathing, acceptance and understanding, we find peace.
When we represent all humanity for all time in this peace-filled healing, we are empowered.

Whatever we experience needs to be done, is ours to do.
When we avoid this Holy and healing work, it simply comes back another day in another way.
When challenged by the upset and misunderstanding of others, it is our to respond to with Love.
When given the opportunity to answer the call for Healing with the Love of Healing, we are whole.

Life is an opportunity to heal whatever is not of God, whatever is not Good for All.
Life presents what we are familiar with, afraid of or avoid, so we can heal leftovers in us.
Life gives us the perfect people and circumstances to erase all fear so we can clear obstacles to Love.
Life is an invitation to be the Magnificent, All-loving, All-knowing and All-powerful beings we Are.

Loving you and me as we heal the deception and reveal the Truth,
Betty Lue

Did you learn early how to hide from the world?
Or did you copy the grownups in your life.

Or was the light just too bright.


Does this girl need a Harley?

She is just 2 years old...Can you believe it?

Or maybe she’s a miniature starlet?

Just trying to keep the press away!