Sunday, April 22, 2007

Loving Our Planet Earth

Taking our Source of Good and Plenty for granted is a mistake.
Using up all our resources is an error.
Forgetting to give to that which gives to us is immature and selfish.
Getting lazy and being unkind to what is Good for us denies our worth.

How do you love your mother?
How do you care for the one who nourishes and nurtures you?
How do you take care of your home?
How do you show respect and gratitude for the bounty and beauty you receive?

Do we believe we are entitled to get everything we can?
Have we become so self-centered we don't care about the future generations?
Are we teaching humanity to just keep on taking without replenishing?
Where is the gratitude and the Love for what we have?

Are we responsible for treating Mother Earth with the appreciation that is her due?
Are we responsible for recycling the goods we receive from her Being?
Are we responsible for taking care of the essential resources for physical life?
Are we responsible for expressing appreciation and treating her gifts with respect?

If we recognize all life is alive, maybe we could remember to give thanks.
If we realize we cannot live in bodies without fresh air and clean water, maybe we would take better care.
If we saw the Earth as our mother, nourisher and provider, maybe we would treat her differently.
If we stop being selfish consumers, users and abusers, of what is given to us, we will respect ourselves.

Life is a gift.
Physical life is meant to be a safe and wonderful playground and universal school.
We are here to learn, to heal and to remember the Good Love we are and from which we are created.
Today is the celebration of our remembering to love the One who sustains all life, the Earth Mother.

Bless her today.
Celebrate her beauty.
Appreciate her bounty.
Give her your respect.

Loving her Earth home,
Betty Lue

Bless her as a child does...with curiosity, wonder and great Love.
Natural mutual blessing.

Giving is receiving.