Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Live Today with Joy

Set an Intention each morning when you awaken. (For Joy, Love, Healing, Peace, Creativity, etc.)
Invite total support from your whole self, including your personality, body, inner child and ego.
Give yourself the time, quiet, inner listening, inspiration, movement and nutrition you need.
Pay attention throughout the day to what works and does not work.
Be appreciative for what is working to support and manifest your intention.
Bless, forgive and release what does not work.
Watch your thoughts and speck and activities to see how they invite more of what you intend.
Take total responsibility for giving yourself success, the fulfillment of your daily intention.
Prune from your life those relationships , substances and foods, activities and experiences that interfere.

Your life is your garden.
You plant and tend the seeds until they come to fullness and harvest.
You are responsible for the abundance.
Learning is our path.

Blessings of joy for today.
Betty Lue

Some of our joyful and full morning at the zoo....
A little taste of 4 God beings under the age of 2.